Ice Cream Flavours

Kremi ice cream is sold in a range of sizes to fit the pockets of the consumers. Conveniently packaged, we invite you to explore a mouthful of decadence!

Cookies N’ Cream

Try our smooth and creamy cookies n’ cream treat with bits of cookies in every bite.


This nutty favourite is an all-time classic for local ice cream lovers.

Rum Raisin

This timeless favourite is an icon of delectable decadence. Go ahead, make your day.

Hot Fudge

Don’t let the name fool you! This frozen treat is chock-full of chilled chocolatey and vanilla cream deliciousness.

Cherry Chocolate Chip

Cherry and chocolate form the perfect playmates in this pink, velvety combo, sprinkled with pieces of chocolate for added delight and pleasure.

Orange Pineapple

Try our distinct blend of orange and pineapple flavourings, fused to give a burst of sweet, fruity flavor.

Cherry Pineapple

Tropical blend of fruits combine to give a taste of island paradise.

Pistachio Cherry

Experience a double dose of exquisite creaminess with a taste of this yummy combo.

Chocolate Vanilla

Chocolate or vanilla? Can’t choose? Why not have both? Indulge in the luxuriant flavours of this one-of-a-kind velvety ice cream.

Choco Swag

Ultra creamy chocolate ice cream with sweet chocolate chips and swirls of hot fudge syrup.


Get lost in the smoothness of the vanilla ice cream.


Satisfy your craving for chocolate with our decadent dark chocolate ice cream.

Banana Split

Bananas and cherries come together in one tasty delight. This flavour will have your taste buds split between irresistible and oh so good!

Cherry Vanilla

Cherry lovers will rejoice at the exquisite combination of juicy cherries blended in a sea of vanilla.


Savour the strong malty taste of the rich, smooth tones of Kremi Stout.

Jam 50th

Show off your Jamaican pride by indulging in our special 50th Anniversary frozen dessert, which has remained on the market.

Fruit Cake

Dive into freshly picked layers of sweet fruits, wrapped in a rich blanket of soft creamy lusciousness as you sample the fruit cake ice cream.

Coffee Rum Cream

The coffee rum cream packs a delicious punch.


The thick, creamy pale green pistachio is the perfect dessert after a meal or to have on its own as a treat.

Egg Nog

Scoops of creamy, sumptuous egg-nog flavoured deliciousness await!



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