Kremi: On a fun journey of extraordinary flavours

With a vision to become the number one ice cream company in the Caribbean, we continue to introduce new, exotic flavours in our preferred line of delicious ice cream to our extended family – our customers.

Through the ‘fudgie’ vendors on motor bikes, corner shops and windows, our ice cream and ice cream cakes continue to be in great demand and we are always proud to serve the popular Kremi offerings at social events through our community outreach programme.

Powered by our commitment to innovate and a burning passion for more yummy treats, we went exploring throughout the flavourful ‘Land of Kremi’ to find new, delicious and totally irresistible, mouth-watering sensations. We discovered Mee, the fun and exciting character behind our novelty line.

Pioneers of novel innovations

As the first novelty line created commercially in Jamaica, we went the extra mile to ensure that you receive the highest quality, by expanding our production capacity through major investment in equipment.

Our icicles are infused with the most popular Caribbean flavours. Truly, a tropical getaway on a stick. One taste of our refreshing watermelon, grape or green apple icicles will transport you to a paradise of palm trees, island breeze and gentle ripples of the blue Caribbean Sea.

We can’t wait for you to try our new frosty flavours of the islands as you join Mee on fun adventures in the ‘Land of Kremi’!